Project-Based Learning

Design and Build a Rain Garden


Stormwater runoff is one of the great urban challenges of our time. In cities that are covered with impervious surfaces—roofs, streets, and parking lots—stormwater flows rapidly over these surfaces, picking up pollutants and delivering them right into our water sources.

In a natural environment, stormwater gets absorbed into the ground where soil, rocks, and plant roots filter the water. A rain garden is designed to mimic this process by slowing the flow and absorbing stormwater before it hits our waterways.

This set of materials is designed to be used in conjunction with our Sustainable Urban Design Toolkit. If you have decided that a rain garden is the right project for your school, use these lessons to take your students from the design and engineering phase to installation. Use project-based learning to engage your students with nature by beautifying the school community and reducing stormwater impacts in your area. Become part of a network of schools across the country and create your own stormwater solution