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Soil Quality

Soil Management

Soil Health is soil managed to its maximum potential through a system of conservation practices, including never-till, cover crops, advanced nutrient and pest management, and buffers and drainage systems where appropriate.  This approach results in healthy soil that reduces erosion, requires less nutrient inputs, manages the effects of flood and drought, and reduces nutrient and sediment loading to streams and rivers.

“To be a successful farmer one must first know the nature of the soil.”

Sara Schellenberger, NRCS

Sara works hard to improve water, air, and soil quality by administering farm programs and manure and water storage solutions.

“Cover crops are now the THIRD most planted crop in the state, next to corn and soybeans.”

Soil Health Recovery
SWCD’s fill a unique and crucial role in conservation and stewardship: that of providing soil and water conservation expertise and services to private landowners.
Land use varies from agriculture, productive forests, bodies of water, and urban or industrial use. Regardless of ownership, all lands are interconnected. Responsible and wise management of these private lands is key to White County resident’s quality of life.
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