Rafting Expedition

In September the district participates with the Arrowhead Country Resource Conservation and Development Council in an educational rafting trip on the Tippecanoe River. Nearly 500 students from the region participate in the event each year.

Students raft a three-mile section of the river as it flows through the Tippecanoe River State Park in Pulaski rafting_studentsCounty. They are assigned to raft teams for the voyage and work as a team throughout the day. The day begins with an interactive lesson on watersheds. Raft instructors, assigned to each raft, share information about the river and its watershed while on the river. Plant species are identified, soils are discussed, potential problems and conservation practices are pointed out, and everyone is watchful for birds and animals. Stops are made along the river, where students learn about forested riparian areas, river otters and freshwater mussel species. They conduct chemical water tests and complete a biological assessment of the river based on macro-invertebrates that they net.


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