3:30 WATCH: Diversity is one of the leading principles of the soil health movement. But can the affects of incorporating diversity into an operation be quantified? Research Microbiologist Dr. Mike Lehman (ARS) found out first-hand in this 16-year field experiment… and man, are the numbers impressive!


3:30 WATCH: If you’ve spent any time around the soil health movement, you’ve probably stumbled onto an odd video or two of farmers out in their fields burying underwear.

Created by Canadian researchers, this “Tighty Whities Experiment” is a great visual demonstration of the benefits of regenerative agriculture… But what does it actually demonstrate? What’s the point?

Don’t worry, Dr. Mike Lehman is here to explain all of that and more in our latest video!


3:30 WATCH: We’ve spent the past two weeks unpacking the benefits of diversity and showing how the infamous “Tighty Whities” experiment can bring those benefits to life.


This week, it’s time for the RESULTS!


Two different sets of “tighty whities” were buried in two different plots (one in a two-year rotation, the other in a four-year rotation). Check out how each performed and how you can try this experiment at home here!