Big Pine Creek Watershed

Best Management Practice Bus Tour


NOVEMBER 24th 2014

9am to 2:30 pm EST

Leaving Fowler Town Park at 9am

Lunch at Ceres Solutions LLP

(Templeton Plant)

Return to Fowler Town Park by 2:30pm

Join us as we discuss and visit a variety of best management practices that are essential for watershed conservation.

Stops will include:

 A Two-Stage Ditch - Kent Wamsley - The Nature Conservancy

Cover Crop Fields with Soil Pits

                Barry Fisher - Indiana NRCS State Soil Health Specialist

                            Dan Towery - Ag Conservation Solutions

Quick stops to look at Waterways, Filter Strips, and Wildlife areas

Lunch at Ceres Solutions in Templeton with a look at some of their latest technology and equipment

(No fee for lunch - Ceres Solutions will provide your lunch)

Sponsored by the BIG PINE CREEK WATERSHED PROJECT STEERING COMMITTEE and you Benton, Warren, & White County Soil & Water Conservation Districts.

Questions, or to RSVP, by November 20th:

Benton County SWCD - Jon Charlesworth @ 765-884-1090 ext. 107

Warren County SWCD - Deb Orr -Lane @ 765-762-2443 ext. 3





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December 2

White County SWCD Board Meeting at 8:00am EST at the White County SWCD office.


Due to busy schedules and long distances to travel, NICIM will be sharing business information by email.  For more information please contact James Pothoff at 219-843-4827.


Plat books and marking flags for sale at the White County SWCD office!


Plat books - $20.00


Marking flags - $10 per bundle of 100


Planning for the Transfer of Farm

Ownership and Management 

What alternatives do you have to transfer business assets?

Can your business afford to add another owner? 

How do you structure a management transfer plan? 


Dates and Locations:  

• Huntingburg: Huntingburg Event Center, December 2-3, 2014

• Reynolds:  White Co. Extension Office, December 9-10, 2014

• Rushville:  The 201 Building (Downtown), January 13-14, 2015

• Albion:  Noble Co. Extension Office, January 27-28, 2015 

Registration due two weeks prior to program. A pre-program packet will be mailed to each family. 


Day 1: Programming begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. Lunch is included. 

Topics include feasibility of adding a family member, multiple entity structures, 

risk management tools, strategies for asset transfer, and management transfer plans. 

Day 2: Complimentary 1-hour farm family meeting with Farm Succession Planning Team.

Fee: $150 for first 4 family members, each additional member costs $15 



If you have any questions, contact Ed Farris at 260-358-4826 or


Click here for a printable registration form.

Twin Lakes High School Joins White County SWCD on Their First Trip Down the River


Twin Lakes High School sent three classes to experience the Arrowhead Country RC&D River Expedtion for the first time. The Honors Biology, Honors Earth Science and AP Biology classes traveled to Tippecanoe River State Park on Wednesday, September 3rd. The students learned firsthand about the ecology of the Tippecanoe River and how it is affected by humans and nature. The trip included rafting down the river along with presentations about water quality and monitoring, pollution, aquatic life forms, soil erosion & water quality.


The school enjoyed the experience so much that they plan on joining future river expeditions with the White County SWCD and the Arrowhead Country RC&D.

EQIP pays for conservation buffers like this one in Southern Indiana to slow water runoff, trap sediment, and enhance infiltration, and also provide wildlife habitat.

Check out the book list!

Click on the education link to see a list of environmental and farming books for kids created by the National Association of Conservation Districts and the American Farm Bureau.  The list includes IBN numbers and reading levels for most books along with the authors names.  You can also click here to go straight to the lists!  

Federal Farm Programs

If you are interested in participating in, or learning more about, farm programs please contact the White County District Conservationist (DC) Cindy Muffett to set up an appointment.  She can be reached at (574) 583-5962 ext. 3.  

Making butterflies at the Earth Day Fair!

Private Well Class

The Private Well Class is a free online training for homeowners with water wells.  This free course helps homeowners understand and care for their water well.  Through ten weekly lessons and monthly webinar trainings, private well owners will learn the basics of managing and protecting their water source.  For more information click on this link:  

Earth Day Fair in the Park and the Monarch Butterfly

The White County SWCD joined the city park, public library, a local garden club, and the NW Indiana Solid Wasted District in the park to celebrate Earth Day!  Visitors to the SWCD table learned how the loss of the milkweed plant has contributed to the decline of the Monarch Butterfly.  They also learned about the lifecycle of the Monarch and were encouraged to plant milkweed to benefit them.  

The Eastern Monarch butterfly populations have dropped drastically in the last few years due to the loss of wintering habitat in Mexico and the loss of food habitat here in the United States.  Often considered a weed, the milkweed plant has been destroyed for years.  Most people are unaware that the milkweed is vital for the reproduction of the Monarch Butterfly.  

Monarch butterflies depend on the milkweed plants to lay their eggs.  The Monarch caterpillars feed only on the milkweed.  They need the milkweed for two major reasons: to make themselves taste bad, so predators won't eat them and also for the proper formation of their wings.  

For more information on milkweed plants and how you can help save the Monarch Butterfly, please contact us at 583-5962 ext. 3.


Click Here For Information on Identifying and Removing Invasives Species

Bush Honeysuckle

Storm Drain Marking

in Monticello

White County SWCD marked storm drain inlets to inform residents, and visitors, of the community that our storm water flows to open water.  For more information on the importance of marking storm drains, click here.

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